Fababean Harvest

Harvesting a light crop of fababeans continues with disappointing results after a very dry growing season. Yields to date at 0.5 ton/ha mean we wont quite cover costs. When you consider our planting rate of 100kgs/ha, we would normally hope to harvest 1.5-2.5t/ha with the right “incrop” rain.
But its not all bad news. Fababeans fit well into our crop rotation. We’ve had a disease break, and a weed break this season for the next winter cereal crop. As a legume, this fababean crop has also been lifting nitrogen levels, so we expect some strong country for wheat next year.

A note about the fronts on these combines. 30ft Case 2020 flex fronts with Neils Harvestaire air reels. They literally shave the ground and are very effective in light crops. See old post for the clip here. Stay tuned – chickpea harvest to start in the next week. More to follow…

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