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  1. Hi David and Peter!

    To you Michael Draganchuk from Ukraine.
    I liked your blog. Very good photos.

    Very much the chickpeas looks well. Absolutely there are no weeds!

    I am no-till farmer cropping around 2100 Ha on 250mm annual rainfall.

    I too grow up a chickpeas.
    How you protect a chickpeas from weeds?

    Thanks Michael for your comments. I am impressed by your website. You ask the big questions about farming that we must all ask if we are to be successful farmers in the future.
    I translated your website with google
    About weeds. We control broadleaf weeds in our chickpeas by applying 1 litre/ha Simazine directly after planting. If wild turnip/mustard is a problem, we would also use some Balance (isoxaflutole) during this application. Other weeds like black oats and phalaris are sprayed with Verdict post emergent at about 6-8 weeks. This is often mixed with a fungicide (mangozeb).
    I look forward to visiting again soon. Cheers, David

  2. I invite you to give interview for a site «No-till.ru».
    The basic visitors of this site – farmers of Russia and Ukraine, therefore a site in Russian.
    It would be very interesting to farmers of our countries to familiarize with your sights at No-till.
    Your interview also can promote rapprochements of people from the different countries.
    Whether I ask to inform has interested you my offer. In case of the positive answer – I am ready to send you questions for interview.
    Best regards, Michael Draganchuk.

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