As one season finishes, the next begins…

The big harvest is over.  The grain is in the bin, and lots of it too. Its a wonderful thing to see the hard work and plans of the last year and longer, amount to success. It been a difficult time with many problems to overcome, but the job is finished.
This harvest has been a race against time and the weather.  Over 100mm of rain in November saw about one quarter of the wheat crop downgraded from prime hard milling wheat to feed grades. Even some wheat started to shell out due to the strong winds. Fortunately the chickpeas were not damaged by the weather.
About the same day the harvesting finished, and we started spraying weeds representing the start of the next new season – keeping the fields clean and conserving moisture for the next crop. And so it goes, seasons merging from one to the next.

Many thanks to all that helped at Morvenvale and Eurie Plains including Jock, Jungle Jim, Shep, Rex, Steve, Jimmy Chappo, Gibbo, Charlie, Josh, Jim W, PJ, Orchy, John & Kurt. Thanks also to the women folk who were either busy behind the scenes or put up without their men for a few long weeks.  Also a big thanks to Vincent, Granty & JimmyO, and to Adcock Harvesting.  And a special thankyou to Andrew and crew from TBO Harvesting for a very professional job well done at Marshmead. We look forward to seeing you all back next season for another “big one.”
Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2009.
David and Peter Ricardo

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