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Visitors are welcome at “Morvenvale”. We are situated between Walgett and Collarenebri in Northern New South Wales, Australia.

Contact David Ricardo: Mobile (+61) 0428 562317, Email

Contact Will Ricardo: Mobile (+61) 0488 362317, Email



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  1. It’s great to see the impact of zero tillage on your place. I’ll let my dad, Frank Crofts, know about your website. He was involved with zero tillage in the early days with Sydney University at Livingstone Farm.

  2. Hi guys down under
    We are Dutch farmers who farm about 10.000 ha in Kazahkstan. We also will change our farm practice to notill But I have a question. What kind of replacement you have insteed of the reel in your header when you harvest the chickpeas ??? some kind of airreel ???
    best regards.

    Hi Dutch farmers in Kazahkstan,We have two Neils 30ft air reels on 2020 flex heads. I think they are rebadged from Harvestaire (made in Western Australia). See and do a part search by category. Also try this – Harvestaire
    Regards David Ricardo

  3. Good Day Mates,
    Excellent web site and blog page. Your no-till methods are great! Are there any GMO crops seeded for a one pass herbicide treatment?
    I traveled through Walgett in December 2008 experiencing water conservation! We use GMO soybean and corn seed for no-till on our farm.
    Thanks again for the efforts you take in your web site! Rob

    Thanks Rob for your comments. No GMO’s at this stage but it would seem that is the way we should be heading for higher productivity in the future. Regards David

  4. Gday David and Pete
    New layout for the web page looks great.
    I saw you both on the front page of The Champion the other day with your new 3 metre Qauddie – nice one. Hopefully you can wrack up some hours on it planting a heap of country next year with a good profile! – Take care, Bruce Monie, Badengi Engineering Moree

  5. hey guys, love the website!
    just a question, do you allow people to stay with you for a period of time to work on your farm?
    thanks! jack.

    • Thanks for your comment Jack. We do have people from all over the world stay with us, and work on farm depending on the season. Our busy times are normally May/June for planting and Oct/Dec for harvest. Its not a requirement to be born on a tractor, but all that come here have some background in farming. Many are uni students looking to gain more experience in farming, and also backpackers working their way around Australia. If you are interested, please send your details to me at
      Cheers, David Ricardo

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