Lights, Camera, Aeration

Its a shocking thing to look back on the harvest and size up the weather damage to crops. There have been some devastating losses – up to a million tons in New South Wales downgraded to feed so the experts say.  Aeration has played a key role at Morvenvale early in the harvest. We started stripping wheat at 14% moisture, and aerating it down to 12% so we were always a couple of silos in front of where we should have been had we been waiting for the grain to dry naturally. The split between the top milling grades and feed wheat is over $100 per ton.  This means these silos have paid for them selves this year.  2009 Wish List – more silos with aeration.

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on “Lights, Camera, Aeration
One Comment on “Lights, Camera, Aeration
  1. Hello Folks! I am a brazilian farmer and I liked this silos, I would like to know more about this system. Congratulations for your great farm!

    Thanks Stefano for your comments. For more information about these silos, see Modern Engineering and Construction at
    Cheers, David

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