Light Harvest

The drought continues…its been another tough season. Cropping only 30% of our country this year, harvest was over in a flash, and all finished in October(that never happens).
The long fallow fababeans averaged 1t/ha, the majority being used for stockfeed locally. The short fallow wheat also yielded 1t/ha with very good protein, but screenings for smallgrain ran about 10% so the seed grader has been busy.

For those of you who follow this blog, you’ll know we broke a golden rule this year – we planted wheat on a foot of moisture (something we almost never do). Looking back, it turns out this was a good move. This was chickpea country last year with next to no ground cover. Had we not planted wheat, this soil moisture would have been lost. Instead we harvested 1t/ha wheat and now have a body of stubble to start building a moisture profile again when the rains come.
As we put this dry season behind us, we look forward to the next big one(just an average season would be great).
Merry Christmas to All and best wishes for the New Year in 2015.
David and Peter Ricardo


on “Light Harvest
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  1. Sorry to hear the yields were low this year Best of luck for next year We are having good yields at paper collar but lots of rain has slowed harvest and put into ? Quality for the next 2000 t of wheat

    • Thanks for your comments Richard, Too dry here, too wet there. Who can pick it. You guys in the west normally have great harvesting weather. I hope it stays dry enough to get the rest of your crop off without quality concerns. Best of luck also, Cheers, David

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