All revved up

The new Boss 24 metre planter arrived last week, so all is set for a big planting. Just one thing missing – rainfall. All revved up and no where to go! Its very dry here with no stored soil moisture, and the prospects of a winter crop planting in a few months seem slim. We wont start this season without 100 – 150mm rain, but we know it can turn around quickly.
Machinery like this takes time to design and build and its been part of our plan for a few years to plant at 24m. This machine from Boss Engineering at Inverell double folds to 15m for travel between farms. Also, the 6m wings can be unhooked and the planter used at 12m if needed(unlikely but its an option). Another feature relates to our 3m tramlines for controlled traffic. The centre wheels are on 3 metres and the outer wheels of the wings are also on the next tramline, so at any time 8 of the 12 wheels are on the lines, reducing compaction. The 800 lb hydraulic tyne units have 400mm spacing(16inch).DSC_0160a


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