Planting Fababeans

Only one field available for fababeans this season after an 18 month long fallow, as the drought continues. Its still very dry across most of Morvenvale and indeed the whole district after good rains have passed us by to the east. 80 to 100 mm of rain were recorded over the last month, and although very welcome, it’s only penetrated 30cms into the soil. These very dry conditions and lots of big cracks just soaked the rain up like a sponge. This crop of beans has good stored soil moisture largely due to 126mm of rain from March 2013 so it wont need too much rain to bring it home. These beans were planted at 75- 100 mm deep and followed closely behind (bottom photo)with Kelly harrows to break down old crop stubble, fill any furrows not covered and level the field for an easy harvest. Stay tuned for updates… DSC_0241a

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