Wheat Update

There’s an air of excitement¬† here with harvest just a few weeks away. We wait patiently watching the wheat changing color, drying out, finishing.
25mm of rain in September has helped but, the yield was mostly set, driven by dry conditions in August and planting on limited moisture to start with on some fields.¬† It’s not the big crop (6t/ha) of 2016 we were hoping for just a few months ago. This wheat is more in the range of 3-4t/ha.
Its been a few years since our last crop so we look forward to the job ahead of us.  The team is almost ready, machinery is serviced, lots of planning and organizing. The harvest will keep 12 of us busy for a month, running combines, chaser bins and trucks to local silos and sheds, working around the clock. Stay tuned for harvest posts. And to farmers everywhere, Stay Safe this harvest.

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