Stripper pushes capacity

Its rare to find a leap in productivity of this magnitude. We bought this Shelbourne 42ft stripper head to maximize stubble cover, and capture more soil water in the fallow. Its designed to rip the heads off the plant leaving all the straw in the field. Without the straw, the limiting factor is the cleaning capacity of the combine, as it processes the grain from husk.

We were harvesting 65 ton/hr in a 6t/ha wheat crop. As an added bonus, by not taking in the straw, we found a 30% saving in fuel consumption.

An unforeseen benefit was the ability to harvest through the night. When most farmers in the district had knocked off on tough conditions, we were able to continue harvesting all night.

We stripped 6000 tons of wheat in 7 days with this harvester alone. The stripper head has doubled our harvesting capacity in this big crop of wheat – its like running two combines.

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