Field Walk

The Morvenvale dryland cotton field walk was well attended, with great interest from local farmers looking to expand crop options when the next season permits. An informative morning featured talks from local agronomists and reps from Cotton Seed Distributors and Monsanto. All those who attended were accredited for Bollgard 3 cotton.



Apart from inspecting the cotton, farmers also checked out a soil pit dug earlier that morning. We found the cracks in the ground only went 50-60 cms deep with very good moisture at 100cms. The pit was 1.2m deep and a push probe went in another 1.2m. Many cotton roots were evident at 100cms. This moisture at depth is helping the crop to finish and fill the smaller later bolls near the top of the bush.




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on “Field Walk
One Comment on “Field Walk
  1. I’d be interested to know much rain is required to refill the soil profile after this crop . I guess that will determine the planting of the next crop, what ever that may be in time.

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