Nitro Upgrade

There is one work horse on this zero till farm that just keeps going.  Over the last few years, our Miller Nitro 4275 has performed very well covering more than 50,000ha every season.  And without a problem (other than a few hydraulic hoses).   We traded this rig  before planting,  to the new Nitro 4333. Same size boom and tank – 36m/6000ltr, and slightly more horsepower.
Between the cost of chemicals we use and their effective application, this is the most important piece of machinery we own.
Pushing productivity:  You might make out a mixing trailer in the background of the pic above (also 6000 ltr with high volume transfer pump) – our focus is to keep the rig spraying more minutes every hour making the operation more efficient.
Hyperthetical:  They can fuel a jet mid air at 500 kms/hr.  How hard can it be, to fill a sprayrig “on the go”???

Post emergent spray on newly planted chickpeas with the new “Nitro”

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