Fababeans. To Swath

To swath or not to swath? That is the question. There are a few trials happenning in our local district and the results will tell when the crop is harvested over the next few weeks. It means an extra pass – another operation, extra cost, but its about minimizing loss and gaining as much yield as possible.
Swathing has saved our fababeans this season after severe wind damage could of caused enormous losses.  The crop is drying down very evenly. We estimate yields at about 1.5 – 2 t/ha and hope to keep losses under 5%. In very light crops up to 1 t/ha it may be difficult to justify the extra operation and  too hard to pickup a smaller windrow. So, the answer – To Swath.  Stay tuned for more info….
This front is a 13 metre Honeybee draper taking a 12metre cut.

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