on “Planting fun – bogged again
2 Comments on “Planting fun – bogged again
  1. Nearly enough to make you see RED !!!!!!!

    I was watching a beaut red sunset only minutes before this happened. I called up one of the guys and another big RED pulled me out in no time flat. So you could say its one of my favorite colours. Cheers, David R

  2. Have you thought of using auto steer to avoid these problems????

    Thanks Butch for your comments. I do happen to have auto steer, but the depth finder malfunctioned – normally my super sonic sonar radar would have picked up the wet patch. Of course, the next line is a road just a few inches higher that runs a little more moisture onto the line I was sowing, so I was heading for higher ground. Black mud adds that element of uncertainty that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Sowing isn’t finished yet so I expect many more challenges this season…..Cheers, David R

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