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  1. Those chickpeas are looking outstanding (some would say too good) The 800mm row spacing looks ideal for disease management. Could you guys send a bit of moisture our way when you get a chance as we have only had 25mm in the last 7 weeks and things are really on a knife edge in the Western Riverina.

  2. hi…
    i am in indonesia. i am looking forward to plant chickpeas in here. here the climate is tropical humid climate, some are has windy climate so climate bit cooler.
    is that potential for planting chickpeas?
    i am very interesting for knowing how to plant the chickpeas and lentil.
    what should i do?
    thank you.


    Thanks for your question Julius. I dont know of any chickpeas or lentils suited to your climate, but keep researching – there must be some varieties for the tropics. Regards, David

    • Thanks for the comment, are the chickpeas and lentils planting in australia NOT suite planting here in tropic climate.
      My friend regularly purchase chickpeas from ethiophia , the climate the is suit to plant chickpeas. if you have anything can help us, please email us at karya3tunggal@ymail.com
      Thank you.


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