August Crop Update

Our crops continue to improve on good growing conditions. 20 to 30mm of rain was recorded across the farms over the last month. Some of the wheat is flowering, or has flowered, but for the majority, heads are just starting to appear. Frost worries on an early plant are always a concern, but this has not been an issue with a couple of -1’s for a short time. The health of the wheat is good and has handled conditions well so far. Of course more rain is on the wish list for our wheat to finish near its potential, and the forecasts look promising.
Our chickpeas are also doing well with an odd flower here and there starting to appear. They are sitting on a good moisture profile, so they don’t need as much rain to finish as the wheat. They have had 2 fungicide sprays to date just before each rain event and we would prefer to see dryer conditions on the pea fields, but after the last few dry years, we will take whatever the season throws at us.
We are starting to get organised for harvest, cleaning out grain bins and sheds, servicing machinery – good thing we use the Farm Service Manager app to help log service and maintenance records.
The pictures below represent the different stages of our crops at the moment, all taken in the last week. Look out for more updates next month…

Please leave any questions or comments below. Thanks, David and Peter Ricardo


on “August Crop Update
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  1. Good to hear some good news from Australia. Bottle of Australian Rum is just about empty too David. Time for another visit.Too bad Covid-19 has got in the way, Dave

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