Plant 2020

The season has finally turned around after the last 3 years of drought. 200mm of rain were recorded from February to April in the lead up to planting. We managed to keep the weeds away and conserve as much moisture as possible. The moisture profile across most of our fields are good, although some fields could have handled another 50 to 100mm to be full.
We started on the 24th April planting wheat, and finished with chickpeas by the 2nd June. The machinery handled the job easily.  We ran the sprayer and planter, and a kelly chain behind the chickpeas.  We put 500 hours on the Steiger Rowtrac on this job.  More crop updates as the season progresses.

Also worth a mention, is a new feature we have been using at Farm Service Manager called the Daily Operation Log. It’s an easy way of recording the jobs a machine does.  The log captures date, job, time/distance, fuel used, and many other important factors you might wish to report on, and it can be customized to suit most operations. The picture below is an example of the kind of report you can generate from the app. This is from our first week of planting. Download the app and register for your 3 month free trial. See Farm Service Manager for more. Click on the picture to open the pdf.

Farm Service Manager Daily Operation Log

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on “Plant 2020
One Comment on “Plant 2020
  1. Many thanks for this update.
    I really like that you tell it like it is.
    May the weather be on your side this season & the app uptake increase.

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