Weed Wiper

With wild turnip out of control in our chickpeas, and limited options for spraying, a different approach was needed to target the weeds without touching the crop. We installed a weed wiper kit on the Nitro 36m spray boom and its worked well, taking out 50% of the weeds in one pass. This % could have been higher with several passes over a few weeks. The kit comes from Smucker Weed Wipers
Tips: We used 4 liters/ha liquid from 2 liters Glyphosate, and 2 liters of water. This kept the solution sticky enough to cut down dripping from the boom. By plumbing the lines into the boom, we were able to utilize the on board controller to meter the rate correctly.
Note: Pic 643a was taken 5 days after application. The plants were shutting down and had almost stopped flowering. Damage to crop in wheel tracks was minimal due to low profile tires in existing spray lines.

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