Next level: Are you ready?

Hang on to your seats as we check out the Rowtrac and Boss planter in action from the skies above. We’ve covered the machinery and the conditions in previous posts, so sit back and see the operation from a different perspective. The average run is 7km long – hard to see the other end of the block until you get up high.

Best viewed in HD or the highest quality setting for your line speed. The clip looks abit choppy in medium quality settings. Also, can you spot the drone in the picture above hovering with the “Black Kites”?(Its on the right)


on “Next level: Are you ready?
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  1. Awesome vid guys…I wish I was there to see planting. Did you have a bit of residual moisture to plant into…? I see there may be some rain coming down from QLD. Hope like hell you get some!

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