Drone age: Fababean Flyover

Crop inspections have become high-tech with the use of a drone to better survey the conditions from above. This video was taken a month ago, so the beans were about two months since planting. Its still very dry here as the drought continues, but this crop is hanging on, looking for the next rain event.

You may notice wheel tracks issues from above. Four rows on the old wheel tracks were planted 25mm deeper to ensure germination and they were much slower getting out of the ground. The plants are there and although behind, they should even out with the rest of the crop with good rain. A square in the middle of the field represents a National Variety Trial for fababeans planted a week later.
About the drone, its a Discovery Pro from Team Black Sheep, I have been flying it for almost a year now, and to answer your questions, “yes, it’s alot of fun to fly, and yes, that is duct tape” (a farmers quick fix). For more info on the Discovery Pro in Australia contact the distributor Mongrel Gear or leave a question/comment below.

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