Wheat Planting

Planting has never been more efficient on Morvenvale, with the move to 24 metres. We made short work of long runs last month, thanks to the new tractor and planter. Conditions were not ideal, being a bit dry on top. We planted wheat 125mm(5″)deep leaving about 50mm of pressed dirt over the seed. It’s still very dry here and these planting conditions are extreme for wheat.
The Rowtrac excelled, easily pulling the 24 metre planter at depth. Sitting on 8.5km/hr, speed was the limiting factor in these conditions. Any faster would see dirt fly out the furrow into the next furrow burying the seed in the next furrow. We averaged 20 ha/hr using 85 litres/hr of fuel (far better than old stats on 12m).
Of course all this gear costs money, but the savings on inputs and gains in productivity at this level, makes for an easy decision.

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on “Wheat Planting
One Comment on “Wheat Planting
  1. David,

    If compaction is an issue why don’t you pull the plough after the seed dolly? Doesn’t the weight of it compact the ground after it has been seede?


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