Harvest complete

Another season is over – the harvest is finished. We have had a dream run – its the way you wish all harvests could go.  A  few problems along the way were all overcome. The crops had a tough start, establishment issues and dry conditions early, but a solid finish on late rains of September/October.  Generally we had short crops that didn’t put alot of energy into biomass or height, but still yielded very well.  Best of all, no weather damaged grain unlike last season.

We finished almost 2 weeks ago, and have been busy helping  neighboring farmers with our machines.

Many thanks to everyone who helped this season, including Jock, Jungle Jim, Jimmy Chappo, Rex, Connor,  Ciaran, John, Niall, Frank, Canaan and Tom, Will,Vincent and Scott, and a big thanks again to Andrew and his crew from TBO harvesting, and truckies Kiwi Dave and Glen from Perry’s plus Gary and many more from GRW .  Also Troy and Rob Yeomans for their 24 hour/callout/fix anything dedication.  As always, thanks to the women folk who were either busy behind the scenes or put up without their men for the busy harvest. Also a special thankyou to Jacqui at the Tatts in Colly for some terrific meals, keeping the crew on their toes till late. Thank you all.  We hope to see you back next season for another big harvest.
Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2012.
David and Peter Ricardo

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